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Inspiring Stories From Oregon State Graduate Students on KBVR FM

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    It’s graduation season and for those folks who think grad school isn’t for them, take a look at this week’s guest who is one of the first to participate in the 4+1 Bioresource Research program in the College of Agricultural Sciences allowing students to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees in 5 years! Taylor Hughes […]

    The post Oops that’s a mistake.. No, that’s a new detox pathway! appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 06/09/16--15:06: Go With The Flow
  • If you get the chance to meet Emily Khazan, you’ll probably learn a thing or two about damselflies. You can think of them as smaller versions of dragonflies whose wings can fold back when they perch. They need bodies of water to breed and live, and sometimes, water caught in the leaves of a plant is […]

    The post Go With The Flow appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 06/14/16--17:33: Fishing for Improvements
  • Movies have a way of portraying ecology as a battle between tree-hugging scientists and the large corporations that want to destroy the natural world. The companies are shown with their giant boats and nets full of fish or with a tree removal machine ripping apart a forest in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the […]

    The post Fishing for Improvements appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    The majority of college students today had the privilege of transitioning from high school to college in a year or less, making the transition to higher education easy. I think it’s safe to say our freshman-selves would’ve argued with the term “easy transition”. But what happens if you needed a gap year to decide what […]

    The post The hurdles for a college education are not the same for all students appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Lake Victoria, sitting just below the equator in eastern Africa, shared between the countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. To put that into perspective, at 68,800 square kilometers, Lake Victoria is larger than the country of Switzerland (41,285 sq. km.). Beyond its immense size and grandeur, it is […]

    The post Learn the past. Speak the present. Guide the future. appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Between the Southeastern portion of the country of Costa Rica and Panama to the south runs the Sixaola River. For almost a hundred miles on its meandering path to the Caribbean the river forms the boundary between these two nations. But the Sixaola has many names. It is shared not only by the two countries […]

    The post Navigating Cultural Currents: Sharing Water in Central America appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 07/15/16--11:52: Walk Like a Kinesin
  • To the naked eye, plants don’t move around a whole lot. Take a closer look, inside of a plant cell, and a whole new world is opened. From cytoplasmic streaming to mitosis (cellular division), a cell is a bustling city with a plethora of different molecules and organelles being moved all around so it can grow […]

    The post Walk Like a Kinesin appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 07/23/16--21:53: A Softer Side of Robots
  • Do me a favor: close your eyes for a few seconds and think of a robot, any robot, real or imaginary. Done? Good. Now, that robot you thought about, what did it look like? What did it do? What was it made of? The answers to the first two questions will likely be different from […]

    The post A Softer Side of Robots appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    As the Rio Olympics gets underway we are reminded just how far a human being can push their body to shave off ¼ second, or jump the extra inch; we tend to envision exercise for purely physical benefits such as burning calories, bigger muscles, and a stronger heart. Think about how much more enjoyable it […]

    The post Get out and Play with Friends! appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    This week on Inspiration Dissemination our featured guest is our very own Zhian Kamvar aka DJ CATGAG the co-host and co-founder of our weekly broadcast. Before his radio and phytopathological fame, Zhian was an eager biologist and a DJ by a different name! All will unfold during this week’s episode, but I will supply some […]

    The post We Answer to the Nucleotide Chain Gang appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 08/21/16--15:49: Can You Hear Me Now?
  • A mutation in the otoferlin gene causes inherited hearing impairment. The otoferlin gene codes for the massive otoferlin protein, which is in the part of the inner ear called the cochlea. Otoferlin is responsible encoding the sound and proposed to act as a calcium sensor for neurotransmission in inner hair cells of the cochlea. Murugesh […]

    The post Can You Hear Me Now? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Most adults spend the majority of their time at the workplace and organizing their lives through or around their occupations. While work is often portrayed as not personal or political, social science research continues to highlight how gender, race, and sexuality play an important role in organizing work and occupations. Recently, scholars are beginning to […]

    The post Religion and Spirituality at Work appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Everyday there is a constant battle between healthy immune systems and parasites trying to harass our bodies. In the case of buffalos in South Africa they cannot simultaneously fight off a tuberculosis infection and a parasitic worm. Their immune system has to choose which of the adversaries it will fight; this decision has consequences for […]

    The post Paul does it all: Is there hope for the amphibian taxa? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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      As a physical oceanographer in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Masters candidate Jenessa Duncombe is investigating how the movement of water impacts heat and oxygen exchange at the interface of the ocean and atmosphere. Combining analytical and modeling approaches in the labs of Roger Samelson and Eric Skyllingstad, Jenessa uses linear […]

    The post Heat and oxygen exchange at the interface of ocean and atmosphere. appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 09/29/16--22:02: Safety is No Accident
  • It is no accident that traffic signs are painted with reflective paint to increase visibility at night. It is no accident that some pedestrian crossings in Corvallis are equipped with lighted signals that make noise. And, it is no accident that colored bike lanes are being introduced in Portland to increase driver awareness of cyclists. […]

    The post Safety is No Accident appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 10/05/16--10:35: Heavy Digging
  • When I think of mining, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic gold rush miners from the mid-1800s. Someone that looks a lot like Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2. I don’t mean to imply that this is, or isn’t, what a miner looks like. However, this does say something about the […]

    The post Heavy Digging appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    How do you connect the dots between sunscreen, coatings on reading glasses, and medicine? Nanoparticles! More and more the potential uses of nanotechnology are moving forward. For example the use of nanoparticles in sunscreen (i.e. zinc dioxide) helps to increase its protective coverage time and its ability to block harmful UVA rays. Another emerging field of […]

    The post A Big Punch at the Smallest Scale appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Deforestation in Brazil due to cultivation of monoculture crops, such as soybean, has profoundly impacted wildlife populations. In the lab of Taal Levi in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, wildlife biologist Aimee Massey has adopted a quantitative approach to studying this impact. During her first and second year of graduate school, Aimee traveled to […]

    The post Mosquito soup in the Brazilian rainforest appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Did you know us humans have a background army of microbes that work to keep us healthy, turns out these microbial cells outnumber human cells 10 to 1 in a healthy human body! The human microbiome is beginning to be elucidated that shows most of these microbes have a mutualist relationship such as helping us to […]

    The post Birds to bacteria and kickstarting research boundaries appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    “What are you?” is a common question asked in the United States. Few people when asked say, “American,” simply because they might be of European descent. No matter how recently their ancestors migrated to the United States, 200 years ago, 100 years ago, some European Americans would still say, “Italian,” “English”, or “German.” This question […]

    The post Blood Quantum: A Pass-fail Exam with No Questions appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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