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Inspiring Stories From Oregon State Graduate Students on KBVR FM

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    If you wander forests of the Oregon Coast Range you might encounter a strange sight: exclosures made of timber and steel-braided wire, standing in a clear-cut forest. These exclosures, which stand 100-feet long, 50-feet wide and 8-feet high, are the research and work of Thomas Stokely, a PhD candidate in the department of Forest Ecosystems […]

    The post Horse Farms to Tree Farms: Studying the Relationship Between Land Management and Biodiversity appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    We depend on the humble soil beneath our feet to grow the cotton in our shirts, feed the world with fruits and vegetables, and growing all the commodities necessary to make beer and whisky alike! Given the range of functions soils have on earth it’s no surprise soils themselves have very different colors, sizes, and […]

    The post Dirt: It’s under all of us! appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Climate change has begun to show its effects around the world in the form of warming temperatures, increased major weather events, and shrinking global sea ice. Unfortunately, one of the hardest hit species on earth is likely to be the corals, a marine animal, yes I said animal, whose beauty is well documented. Ocean acidification […]

    The post Corals need someone in their corner appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 12/31/16--00:51: Happy New Year 2017!
  • Happy New Year from all of us at Inspiration Dissemination! It’s been a great year with fantastic guests on our program. We’ll be back on the air January 15th with Joe Donovan, who’s working on his MFA in Creative Writing! Stay tuned and stay inspired!

    The post Happy New Year 2017! appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Celebrities are the center of modern pop culture in the U.S. and around the world. We look to these people for clues about what to wear, what music to listen to, where to spend our money, and even what to believe. These icons have become larger than life; their influence on the world around them […]

    The post Why do we care? An examination of pop culture icons. appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Did you know that whitebark pine is the highest elevation tree here in the Pacific Northwest? If you have driven the Rim Road of Crater Lake National Park, you may have noticed a huge gnarly tree lovingly known by few as the “Grandmother” whitebark pine. These trees withstand harsh winds and cold temperatures, giving them […]

    The post Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 01/27/17--18:39: Diving for Discovery
  • Jon Krier was six-years-old when he found his first skull. He was on a walk with his mother in Wales, Alaska where his father worked as a surveyor. “She immediately told me to put it down,” he said. But he couldn’t shake his fascination: Where did the skull come from? Why did it have so […]

    The post Diving for Discovery appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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                          Our guest this week is Madison Rodman who recently finished her Master’s degree in Botany and Plant Pathology. Growing up as the daughter of crime lab scientist and an ecologist in North Dakota, Madison told us that there was not a singular moment when […]

    The post A very Hungry Caterpillar, a very Tenacious Scientist appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    When was the last time you helped someone? Do you hold the door open for the person behind you when you enter a building? Have you picked a stranded friend up at the airport recently? Would you let distant relatives stay at your house? Our willingness to help others is a common thread that defines […]

    The post No strings attached. Why some students need help, and how others provide assistance appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Following a devastating period of violence during Pablo Escobar’s reign, Colombia has become one of the safest countries in South America. In rural Alaska, “mammoth hunters” seek out tusks make jewellery out of mammoth ivory. Opal Whiteley, the diarist and naturalist from the 1920s, became famous for allegedly fabricating much of her writing. The pre-code […]

    The post History repeated…but more interesting appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    When plants get sick, they can’t be treated or cured in the same way as people who receive medicine for an illness.  Plants require specialized care by scientists who are uniquely equipped to study and treat their diseases.  As a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Jay Pscheidt in the Department of Botany and […]

    The post Searching for viruses that make plants sick appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    People often think of science as focusing on very specific questions or rigorous hypothesis testing. However, some of the most exciting advancements were the result of general curiosity of seemingly disparate ideas, and a sprinkle of creativity. For example, the beginnings of how electricity was discovered started by poking frog legs with different types of metals. The modern zero-calorie […]

    The post Just keep swimming or don’t! Curiously following Zebrafish appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    We humans are far outnumbered by organisms that are much smaller and “less complex” than ourselves. The cartoon above depicts representatives of major groups of organisms, and each organism is drawn such that its size reflects the number of species contained within its group. The bird, the fish, and the trees look as expected, but […]

    The post Beetle-Seq: Inferring the Phylogeny of Clivinini appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Proteins are the workhorse molecules of the cell, contributing to diverse processes such as eyesight, food breakdown, and disabling of pathogens. Although cells cannot function without helper proteins, they’re so small that it’s impossible to view them without the aid of special tools. Proteins are encoded by RNA, and RNA is encoded by DNA; when […]

    The post Elucidating protein structure with crystals appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    I’ll never forget driving through the steep and windy I5 corridor of the Klamath Mountains when I moved to Oregon. Wet roads bordered by thick fog with protruding trees that were lusciously green. Very, very green. This concept of ‘Keeping Oregon Green’ started as a fire prevention act, and Oregon’s color is a quality that […]

    The post Keeping Oregon Forests Green: What Swiss Needle Cast Disease is Teaching Us About Forestry appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This phrase is often helpful when fighting adversity, but it does not hold true for patients suffering from diseases such as leukemia, tuberculosis, and certain forms of anemia. Current medical science allows us to save lives, but their quality of life is curtailed because bones are typically weaker and […]

    The post Bone marrow transplants save lives, but can it keep our bones strong? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    It took three years of adventures after college—including stints as a ski instructor, barista and a commercial chemist—before Andrew Popchock knew that he wanted to return to the lab to pursue a PhD at OSU’s Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Andrew’s research takes place at Dr. Weihong Qiu’s Single-Molecule Biophysics Laboratory and focuses on kinesin-14s—motor […]

    The post Motor proteins—and people—can change directionality appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    In the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, first year graduate student Dusty Gannon is studying how Heliconia tortuosa, a tropical plant with long, tubular flowers and vividly-colored bracts (modified leaves that house the flowers), maintains its unique relationship with pollinating hummingbirds. Although hummingbirds universally love nectar, they have diverged into a few distinct functional […]

    The post Heliconia: plants with personality appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    My mother told me never to judge a book by its cover, but our brains do this tens if not hundreds of times a day. Research has shown that seeing a face for just 1/10 second allows enough time for someone to make judgments of a person’s attractiveness, competence, aggressiveness, and trustworthiness. While it is […]

    The post Do you trust others, as much as they trust you? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    When asked to trace her love of literature to its origins, Emily McLemore returns to her babyhood. “My dad started reading to me from the day I was born, so my love of reading started early,” she says. Last month, Emily defended her Master of Arts thesis, “Willed Women: Female Bodies & Subversive Being in […]

    The post “Willed Women”: Studying Medieval Literature at OSU appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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