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Inspiring Stories From Oregon State Graduate Students on KBVR FM

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    All around us, plants, fungi, and bacteria are waging chemical warfare against one another to deter grazing, prevent against infection, or reduce the viability of competitor species. Us humans benefit from this. We use many of these compounds, called secondary metabolites, as antibiotics, medicines, painkillers, toxins, pigments, food additives, and more. We are nowhere close […]

    The post The Mold That Keeps On Giving appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    If you’ve purchased a device with a display (e.g. television, computer, mobile phone, handheld game console) in the last couple decades you may be familiar with at least some of the following acronyms: LCD, LED, OLED, Quantum LED – no, I did not make that up. Personally, I find it all a bit overwhelming and […]

    The post Don’t just dream big, dream bigger appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Limited treatments for bone cancer Bone cancer is a devastating and poorly understood disease with few available treatment options in humans. The disease disproportionately impacts young adults and children, and treatment still often includes amputation of the affected limb. Relapse within one year is common. Dogs can also spontaneously develop bone cancer, which makes them […]

    The post How do bone cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Learning to crawl and walk affords children opportunities to explore their world. As such, early childhood mobility is intertwined with other formative childhood milestones, such as motor skill development and learning to negotiate social encounters. Disabled children who may have difficulty reaching mobility milestones, are thus at risk for missing out on opportunities for play […]

    The post Mobility is critical to social and cognitive development in children appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and some studies suggest we still have over 91% of marine species that await discovery. Even as far back as 2010 some NASA scientists admit we knew more about the surface of Mars than we did about the bottom of our own oceans! Despite the fact […]

    The post The Evolving Views of Plastic Pollution appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Thousands of sites across the US are contaminated with chemical solvents that have been used for decades in industrial processes. These solvents can leach into groundwater and create plumes up to several miles long. 1,4-dioxane, a probable human carcinogen, is often present in groundwater contaminant plumes because of its historical use in degreasing heavy machinery, […]

    The post Can soil bacteria clean up our toxic messes? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Our entire environment is built upon assumptions about how someone is supposed to move and interact with/in the world. Although disability studies have been around for a long time, in recent years the field has distanced itself from the medical model of disability, in which people with disabilities are viewed as flawed and in need […]

    The post Challenging assumptions about wellness and illness through the lens of Mad Studies appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 09/29/18--20:13: Learning without a brain
  • Instructions for how to win a soccer game: Score more goals than your opponent. Sounds simple, but these instructions don’t begin to explain the complexity of soccer and are useless without knowledge of the rules of soccer or how a “goal” is “scored.” Cataloging the numerous variables and situations to win at soccer is impossible […]

    The post Learning without a brain appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Know the enemy The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is the virus that leads to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Most of our listeners have likely heard about HIV/AIDS because it has been reported in the news since the 1980s, but our listeners might not be familiar with the virus’s biology and treatments that target the […]

    The post Infection Interruption: Identifying Compounds that Disrupt HIV appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    It all started with a broken (tanbur) neck While playing the tanbur in his native country of Iran, tonight’s guest Yahya Mousavi found the wooden instruments are sensitive to the moisture and it cannot produce high quality sounds in humid conditions. The tanbur, a traditional Persian string instrument, is the ancient ancestor of the guitar […]

    The post How to not come unglued: A wood adhesive story appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    The aesthetic beauty and spiritual connectivity the Native Americans have to the Purple Martin is undeniably strong, it’s no wonder the general public have embraced this special bird and encouraged their presence by adding nest boxes in their backyards. However, it’s this strong embrace in urbanized areas that could be stifling the ability for these […]

    The post The Sights and Sounds of Purple Martins appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    “Here I am!” -Cancer Wouldn’t it be nice if cancer could simply yell out to let us know where it is, and how much of it is there? Anna St. Lorenz, a 4th year PhD student in the College of Pharmacy, is working on just that. Anna’s path to scientific research began when she was […]

    The post Finding cancer with sound: the development of nanoparticles to deliver light-to-sound converting agents appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Unseen associations We are all connected to the ocean, and organisms living in the ocean are an integral – if often unseen – part of our lives. You might be more connected to the ocean than you think. For example, fertilizer used to grow vegetables is often made from fish, and ingredients derived from fish […]

    The post Exploring the disconnect between humans and the ocean appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Greater sage-grouse (GRSG) is a North American bird species that nests exclusively in sagebrush habitat. In the last century, natural populations of this species have significantly declined largely due to human influenced habitat loss and fragmentation. This has prompted multiple petitions to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to list GRSG under the Endangered Species […]

    The post Core Strategies for Conservation of Greater Sage-Grouse appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Invaded places are not broken spaces “It was some of the hardest work I have done,” says this week’s guest, Katarina Lunde recounting her arduous work interning with the Nature Consortium in the Duwamish region of Seattle. Katarina was passionate about her work in conservation ecology, spending countless hours leading groups of volunteers in restoration […]

    The post Finding hope in invaded spaces appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Many of us have heard that as a consequence of climate change, Arctic sea ice is rapidly decreasing and that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. It’s a complicated system that we don’t understand very well: few people live in the Arctic, and the data from limited study […]

    The post Testing Arctic climate models: how much detail can we capture? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Over the course of the last six years, Holly Horan, a doctoral candidate in the Applied Anthropology program at Oregon State University, has developed and carried out a course of research culminating in the largest-ever study measuring perceived and biological maternal stress during and after pregnancy in Puerto Rico. By combining in-depth interviews with Puerto […]

    The post Applying medical anthropology: a history of stress in Puerto Rico and its impacts on birth outcomes appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    One of the most difficult hurdles in cancer treatment development is designing a drug that can distinguish between a person’s healthy cells and cancer cells. Cancerous cells take advantage of the body’s already present machinery and biochemical processes, so when we target these processes to kill cancer cells, normal, healthy cells are also destroyed directly […]

    The post Treating the Cancer Treatment: an Investigation into a Chemotherapy drug’s Toxic Product appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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