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Inspiring Stories From Oregon State Graduate Students on KBVR FM

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    Imagine you’re at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park cheetah run. You hear the sounds of awe and wonder as the cheetah demonstrates its amazing speed. The zookeeper tells you more about the cheetah and its ecosystem – an ecosystem that is being negatively impacted by humans. You walk away with tangible ways that you […]

    The post Seeing live animal exhibits can be a powerful experience, but do they change our behaviors? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    In the lab of Andreas Schmittner in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, recently-graduated PhD student Juan Muglia has been developing a climate model to understand ocean current circulation, carbon cycling, and ocean biogeochemistry during the last ice age, focusing on the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica. Juan has developed a climate model using […]

    The post Using sediment cores to model climate conditions appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Ecology is the study of the relationships among organisms and the relationships of organisms to their physical surroundings. The interactions of organisms can be described as a complex web with many junctions or relationships, and a single ecologist may focus on one or many relationships in a community or ecosystem. Our guest this week, Rebecca […]

    The post Project CHOMPIN: Parrotfish, nutrients, and the coral microbiome appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    “The Christmas Song” or “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé is an iconic song in American culture, but most Americans will never experience a chestnut roast (at least not with American chestnuts). A mighty blight The American chestnut was a widespread North American native tree that covered nearly 200,000 […]

    The post Ways and Means: Attitudes Toward Methods of Restoring American Chestnut Trees appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    When our roommates or family members get sick, we try to keep our distance and avoid catching their illness. Plants get ‘sick’ too, and in the natural world, this may actually explain the coexistence and diversity of plant species that we see. Coexistence Species coexistence relies on competition between individuals of the same species being […]

    The post Unearthing the Unseen: Identifying drivers of fungal diversity in Panamanian rainforests appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    During the summer, when the mercury clears triple digits on the Fahrenheit scale, people seek out cooler spaces. Shaded parks, air conditioned ice cream parlors, and community pools are often top places to beat the heat. If you’re a resident of Corvallis, Oregon, you may head downtown to dip your toes in the Willamette River. […]

    The post Characterizing off-channel habitats in the Willamette River: Fish need to cool off too! appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    In a rapidly changing word of technology and engineering advancements, we’re reminded of Charles Darwin’s words it’s not the strongest that survive, but the most adaptable. For humans this means learning from our errors, one painful mistake at a time, and fixing our approach so we do not stumble again. We’re limited by our personal […]

    The post To code or not to code: the way forward for machine learning appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Viticulture is the science, production, and study of grapes, and when growing grapes for wine both quantity and quality matter. One challenge facing farmers in the Willamette Valley is a plant pathogen: grape powdery mildew. This pathogen can live in a field year-round and emerges to infect grape leaves, flowers and fruits annually. Grape plants […]

    The post The Grape Depression: Powdery Mildew in Willamette Valley Vineyards appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 09/17/17--16:27: Breaking the Arctic ice
  •   When you hear about fractures in sea ice, you might visualize the enormous fissures that rupture ice shelves, which release massive icebergs to the sea. This is what happened back in July 2017 when a Delaware-sized iceberg broke off from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica. However, there are other types of fractures […]

    The post Breaking the Arctic ice appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Our guest this week on Inspiration Dissemination, Harrison Stierwalt a PhD student in Kinesiology, studies the cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle physiology. Harrison and other members of the Translational Metabolism Research Laboratory, research the cause of skeletal muscle insulin resistance and how exercise acts against insulin resistance. In particular, Harrison currently studies the activity of […]

    The post Studying skeletal muscle physiology to better understand diseases such as type II diabetes appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Independent of your professional career choice, the demand for energy and our ability to provide enough energy for the world is set to become a limiting factor for human development. Complicating the energy issue, a Pew Research survey from 2016 found ¾ of US adults agree that “the country should do whatever it takes to […]

    The post Safe nuclear power & its future in our energy portfolio appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 10/07/17--16:56: Clean Meat, Clean Conscience
  • Some may say, “there is nothing like a juicy hamburger,” and here is the USA we are fortunate to have access to affordable meat. While the cost of your next hamburger may not weigh too heavily on your pocket, the quantity resources required to produce one pound of beef may surprise you. One pound of […]

    The post Clean Meat, Clean Conscience appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 10/14/17--16:58: The Breathing Seafloor
  • In the cold, dark depths of the seafloor across the world, microbes living in sediments and on rocks are quietly breaking down organic material and sucking dissolved oxygen out of the seawater. The continental shelf off of Oregon’s coasts, home to a fishing industry that brings in over a hundred million dollars of revenue per […]

    The post The Breathing Seafloor appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    As a History of Science PhD student in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, Andy Hahn studies how botanists and plant morphologists in the 20th century were influenced by Goethe, a famed German writer and naturalist during the 19th century. Goethe is well known for his rendition of Faust, as well as his novel, The Sorrows […]

    The post Tracing Goethe’s influence on botany and plant morphology appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Growing up on a family farm in North Dakota, Ryan Lenz loved learning about wheat – specifically the things that made wheat varieties different. Why were some taller or shorter than others? Why did some have more protein? After gaining skills in molecular biology at North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in […]

    The post Secrets of the Black Cottonwood appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Physical activity has many benefits for health and wellness. Physical activity can help us control our weight, reduce our risk of diseases including many cancers and type 2 diabetes, help to strengthen our bones and muscles, and improve our mental health. Yet despite the benefits, many don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity. Our […]

    The post GROWing Healthy Kids and Communities appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    We’re all familiar with waves when we go to the coast and see them wash onto the beach. But since ocean waters are usually stratified by density, with warmer fresher waters on top of colder, saltier ones, waves can occur between water layers of different densities at depths up to hundreds of meters. These are […]

    The post Ocean basins are like trumpets– no, really. appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Investigating Otoferlin Otoferlin is a protein required for hearing. Mutations in its gene sequence have been linked to hereditary deafness, affecting 360 million people globally, including 32 million children. Recently graduated PhD candidate Nicole Hams has spent the last few years working to characterize the activity of Otoferlin using TIRF microscopy. There are approximately 20,000 […]

    The post Exploring a protein’s turf with TIRF appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 12/09/17--21:00: It’s a Bird Eat Bird World
  • Over the last half century, populations of Greater Sage-grouse – a relative of pheasants and chickens – have declined throughout their range. Habitat loss and degradation from wildfires is regarded as a primary threat to the future of sage-grouse in Oregon. This threat is exacerbated by the spread of invasive annual grasses (read: fuel for […]

    The post It’s a Bird Eat Bird World appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 12/14/17--10:57: See you in 2018!
  • Inspiration Dissemination is taking a break for the Holiday Season. We’ll be back Sunday January, 14 at 7pm! We wish you Merry Holidays and a Happy New Year!

    The post See you in 2018! appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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