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Inspiring Stories From Oregon State Graduate Students on KBVR FM

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    Swimming away from the rocky shores out to sea Grace Klinges, a 2nd year PhD student in the Vega-Thurber Lab, is surrounded by short green sea grasses swaying in the waves, multi-colored brown sand and occasional dull grayish-brown corals dot the floor as she continues her research dive. However, the most interesting thing about this […]

    The post Small Differences Have Big Consequences to Keep the Oceans Happy appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Imagine, you just spent the day at the aquarium. Perhaps you were on a date, enjoying the day with your friends, on a solo exploration, or taking your children on a special trip. Throughout your experience you encountered many live animal exhibits and even got up close with some creatures in touch tanks: sea urchins, […]

    The post Are Touch Tanks Touching Lives? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    The Pacific Northwest supports a 270 million dollar per year shellfish industry. Human-induced climate change has increased global levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. More carbon dioxide then enters ocean water, making it more corrosive. As a consequence, oysters and other shellfish that rely on alkaline seawater conditions to precipitate calcium carbonate and build their shells […]

    The post How can humans help oysters adapt to stresses from ocean acidification? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    When you think about a high school field trip to the forest, what comes to mind? Hiking boots, binoculars, magnifying glasses, plant and fungi identification, data collection – the science stuff, right? Well, some high school students are getting much more than a science lesson on the Discovery Trail  at the HJ Andrews Long-Term Ecological […]

    The post When Paths Cross: The Intersection of Art, Science and Humanities on the Discovery Trail appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    As technology continues to improve over the coming years, we are beginning to see increased integration of robotics into our daily lives. Imagine if these robots were capable of receiving general instructions regarding a task, and they were able to learn, work, and communicate as a team to complete that task with no additional guidance. […]

    The post How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Rivers are ecosystems that attract and maintain a diversity of organisms. Fish, birds, mammals, plants, and invertebrates live in and around rivers. Have you considered what services these groups of organisms provide to the river ecosystem? For example, river invertebrates provide numerous ecosystem services: Insects and mussels improve water quality by fixing nutrients, such as […]

    The post Aquatic Invertebrates: Why You Should Give a Dam appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    The human race has given rise to incredible engineering accomplishments. Some examples include an Egyptian pyramid with 2.3 million perfectly placed limestone blocks, the Great Wall of China that traverses difficult terrain and can be seen from space, or the more recent example of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, sending a sports car floating through […]

    The post Workplace Woes for Women in Engineering appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 03/11/18--10:51: This includes you!
  • Jessica Armstrong is a PhD candidate in her last year in the Design Core of the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering working to give product designers more information about customer needs so that they can create a more inclusive product design. Generally, products are conceived out of a need, and their design is based […]

    The post This includes you! appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Ninety years ago, a fungal natural product was discovered that rocked the world of medicine: penicillin. Penicillin is still used today, but in the past ninety years, drug and chemical resistance have become a hot topic of concern not only in medicine, but also in agriculture. We are in desperate need of new chemical motifs […]

    The post When Fungus is Puzzling: A Glimpse into Natural Products Research appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    The basic human body plan is fairly similar (most have eyes, arms, and legs) but how efficiently our bodies’ function is unique and depend heavily on our genes. Although our brains use a lot of the simple energy compounds (like glucose), our skeletal muscles use 70% of our body’s total energy production such as fats, […]

    The post Genes & Body Metabolism: How our Muscles Control Outcomes appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    When we hear news coverage of global environmental changes, it can easily overwhelm us. We mentally curl up into the fetal position and conclude there is nothing we can do to stave off the changes that Earth is projected to experience. One of these changes is ocean acidification–a phenomenon where carbon dioxide in the atmosphere […]

    The post Beyond doom and gloom: highlighting solutions to ocean acidification appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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      Did you know that about 30% of people here in Oregon have septic tanks? Why is that relevant to this week’s topic you ask? Our guest this week on Inspiration Dissemination, Genevieve Schutzius is an Environmental engineering masters student in the College of Engineering interested in waste water management. Genevieve is working with Dr. […]

    The post Antibiotic resistance: The truth lies in the sludge appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    This week on Inspiration Dissemination we will be featuring a previous guest: Francisco Guerrero, a PhD student in the Department of Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management. Francisco’s first interview aired on October 18, 2015, and we called him back for a follow-up because he has been selected for the American Association for the Advancement of […]

    The post Comunicación Científica con Franco appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    My mother often tells the story of when I first learned to walk: Instead of sluggishly taking one step at a time, I would quickly take five or six steps as I accelerated into the floor or surrounding walls — Bang! She says I learned to run before I would walk. Based on my old […]

    The post Putting kids in the driver’s seat: How modified ride-on cars let kids with disabilities drive their own development appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 05/18/18--10:32: A Space for Me
  • Everyone handles their personal growth differently, and for many finding an identity category can lead to feelings of comfort and an opportunity to find community. However, for folks who identify with more than one category or find identity in LGBTQ+ categories may find difficulty navigating their identity in spaces that have been shaped by the […]

    The post A Space for Me appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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  • 05/25/18--23:11: Agroforestry: any takers?
  • Agroforestry, the practice of growing crops or tending livestock while purposefully managing trees on the same parcel of land, can provide security of fuel wood and food in rural areas of the developing world. Increased access to healthcare in many African countries has spurred population growth over the past couple of decades. Malnourishment remains a […]

    The post Agroforestry: any takers? appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Climate change and the resulting effects on communities and their infrastructure are notoriously difficult to model, yet the importance is not difficult to grasp. Infrastructure is designed to last for a certain amount of time, called its design life. The design life of a bridge is about 50 years; a building can be designed for […]

    The post How high’s the water, flood model? Five feet high and risin’ appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    First year CEOAS PhD student Theresa Fritz-Endres investigates how the productivity of the ocean in the equatorial Pacific has changed in the last 20,000 years since the time of the last glacial maximum. This was the last time large ice sheets blanketed much of North America, northern Europe, and Asia. She investigates this change by […]

    The post Ocean sediment cores provide a glimpse into deep time appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    One of the many consequences associated with climate change is ocean acidification. This process occurs when high atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolves into the ocean lowering ocean pH. Concern about ocean acidification has increased recently with the majority of scientific publications about ocean acidification being released in the last 5 years. Despite this uptick in attention, […]

    The post Crabby and Stressed Out: Ocean Acidification and the Dungeness Crab appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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    Examining the effect of climate change on stream ecosystems As a first year Master’s student in the lab of Ivan Arismendi, Francisco Pickens studies how the changing, warming climate impacts animals inhabiting stream ecosystems. A major component of stream ecosystem health is rainfall. In examining and predicting the effects of climate change on rainfall, it […]

    The post Stream ecosystems and a changing climate appeared first on Inspiration Dissemination.

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